World Environment Day

The World Environment day is just around the corner and we at Rungta Tea share with you the happy aspects of growing Tea.

World Environment Day

Mother Nature is the most bountiful and generous mother humanity has ever encountered. Yet as the children of such a caring mother, have we ever given thought to her needs or those of our co-inhabitants? As the residents of the most beautiful places in the world have we ever considered our Earth our true home? After all it is the only joint family home we have in the universe. Although, our brother scientists are in process of finding us a new abode yet will ever we truly be as blessed as on Earth? Aren’t we negating the English adage – ” A bird in hand is worth around two in the bush”.

So this World Environment Day, we aim to provide a better understanding of the finer details of environment protection as well as our efforts at Rungta to give back our best to the environment.

An approach to environmental responsibility

At Rungta Tea, we are group of people focusing on changing the way people approach their teas. At every level of our organisation, we ensure complete sustainability and optimising the processes to give the best tea.

Also at Rungta, the focus is on offering organic teas as they are good for both you as well as environment. Further, Rungta Teas are free from chemicals and pesticides. As an example of the environment protection, we aim to incorporate recycled materials, composting as well as solar energy systems into our plans for the business.

Investing in sustainable tea is important for the environment safety and at Rungta Tea, we will always wish to sustain our supply of quality tea procured by sustainable methods. As an organisation, we are committed to continued support to the society as well as stakeholders to bring the quality as well as sustainable approach to our tea processing efforts. Likewise, responsible water management is another area of utmost interest for us.

Tea Garden

Biodiversity is here at Rungta!

The tea plantations are the home to large number of flora and fauna. Our tea landscape is a natural ecosystem situated on higher altitudes bringing refuge to diverse range of animals. As a sustainable organisation, tea plantations are in itself surrounded by diverse varieties of shrubs and aided with help of ponds. These natural ponds are in turn preferred by the animal dwellers of the region.

 Further, the natural beauty of the serene tea gardens is enough to change your opinion about the city home you own. This is why our tea plantations are not mere a commercial effort but in reality a tourism hotspot as well. As esteemed visitors to Rungta Tea estate, you will be treated to our meticulous attention towards ecological conservation. This blend of conservation through dedicated efforts is surely a cynosure for eyes.

As tea is next only to water in popularity, Rungta Tea ensures that each sip you savour is safe for you and your surroundings. We have furthered the attempts in restoring soil fertility, biodiversity conservation as well as carbon footprint. Naturally, farmers are our partners in the process and we wish to help them in overcoming their vulnerability to crop failure. For this, attempts are in process to ensure that environment education is available for the farmers and stakeholders of Rungta for the best quality parameters

Our idea is to be environment conscious as a good quality product is the outcome of the best ecosystem and healthy environment. By being sustainable in our approach of growing the teas as well as adopting the organic farming, we at Rungta provide the healthy teas for healthy lifestyle.

Environment safety – Need of the hour

As a country where nature is equivalent to God, the sad realities take a toll on our vision for growth. It’s equally sad to state that the air quality parameters of the top metropolis of the nation are one of the worst in the world. Though, a lot is attributed to the urban expansion as well as the rural migration trends yet in reality, the unaccounted felling of trees is damaging the health of the cities and its residents. As the future conscious citizens, it’s our time to take onus of environment safety and bring sustainable development goals to our cities.

What makes sustainable development difficult is the numerous strategies that make it out of reach of common man. Thus, to protect environment, it is better to create manageable goals starting at baby steps.

Adopting manageable goals-

Change begins at home and here are some easy to adopt strategies to help you with the environment protection-

  • Avoid smoking inside your home. Though smoking is bad for you and environment yet if the habit is your weakness then step out of home to smoke. This is because confined space causes your family to inhale the same smoke as you.
  • Home improvement is must. This means that your home should have proper ventilation system and should be free from dust and pollen. Likewise, the carpets and synthetic clothing too add up to the internal environment.
  • Avoid aerosols. The aerosols are harmful to the environment. Thus, avoid using them to lower the harmful effects. Similarly, one can invest in natural fragrances and sprays for retaining freshness.
  • Invest in trees. The common complaint in urban areas is the lack of fresh air and space. Though planting trees is important yet investing in indoor plants is also commendable. Ask your nearest nursery for help in procuring the plants that suit your needs as well as space.
  • Maintain your vehicle. Carpool is the greatest idea to safeguard the environment. Still if you prefer your own ride, get it maintained and checked for environment pollution. Discard old rides for new ones to get economy in fuel expenses.
  • Buy a cycle and use it too. Use that early Sunday morning to cycle with your partner. This will have two fold benefit- strengthen your relationship as well as your fitness. Wherever possible, use the cycle to add to the environment safety.
Eco Friendly world

Also, Environment Day is not a one time celebration yet in reality it is a reminder to check out the efforts towards environment health we have taken as an individual. So this year, let’s bring out a calendar date of doing our bit towards the environment and evaluate its outcome on the next year!

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