Why your vote is important for the country?

The common question that we hear on voting day is “Does my vote even count?” At Rungta Tea, we tried to decode the question to the best of the brainstorming ideas our team came up with over a cuppa of our strongest brew. Though we are a group of multivariate people coming from varied walks of education yet together at Rungta Tea, we make the true representation of unity in diversity.

So, we enumerate the ideology of the group –

  • Because your Forefathers had to earn it for you – 

If we correctly remember our history lessons, the freedom didn’t come easily. Our numerous freedom fighters had to sacrifice their precious lives and comfort for our benefit. Was this the ideology they fought for? If they were present here today, they would have had definitely cast their vote. Wouldn’t they have gathered over a cup of tea infused with the finest ingredients and discussed the future of their elected representatives?

Further, we had numerous groups who had to go an extra mile to cast their choice. The females too had to wait for a long time to be recognized as an active member of society. If it wasn’t for the silent contribution of our forefathers, the right of voting would had been a distant dream. To celebrate their contribution, let’s raise a cup of tea and brainstorm the future of the country.

  • More than just a right, it is our primary duty –

The  voting is not merely a right given by the constitution but actually more important than that – it is our civic duty. Our constitution gives us the right to run the government of the nation. This makes it our important responsibility that the country should be run by the right people and the democracy should be upholded in its true sense. 

Our ancestors had to fight tooth and nail against the foreign invaders to make their mark. They suffered outrageous taxes and charges to make a better future for us. To clear the air, we bring black tea right from our plantations to help you make the right decision for your nation. Remember, it is one right that decides the implementation of all other rights.

  • Every vote really counts!

Well, every vote really matters and the example can be found from 1999 Indian general elections where Prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his government created a history of sorts (for negative reasons). The NDA government lost the no-confidence motion by mere fraction of one vote! This is one of the lowest margins of loss ever created in the history of the world. While the difference was nominal but the impact resounding. So the next time you are flabbergasted of the idea to cast your vote, remember that the vote may be useful in affirming the victory of the elected official of your choice.

  • The outcomes will definitely impact you –

The representatives of the people undertake important matters that may impact your future outcomes. They represent the needs of their citizens through formulation of laws and regulations which may impact you directly and indirectly. So rather than sitting idle, it’s better to cast your choice this election season. This will instil a new change through electoral votes.

To add help to your risen levels of confidence, to stay active and  to bear the rising levels of mercury, start your election day with the energizing addition of Rungta special green tea. So like your vote, our teas will energize your confidence in the election process.

  • It is a group process –

The preamble opens ups with the lines – The government of the people, for the people and by the people. The power lies in our hands to make our government and support their working. For this, not just mere member parliaments but their whole team needs your support. This is possible by collective efforts to increase voting turnaround. So instead of merely casting your vote efforts should be made to promote awareness regarding the election process. So each one should another friend who wishes to cast ballot.

Special this year is the e-voting process whereby the soldiers serving at higher altitudes can participate in the process and improve the quality of outcomes for their nations.

Just like the multitude of infusions and flavours of Rungta Tea, we blend together to elect the best.

  • Remember – NOTA  –

For those rueing the pro-development policies of leading political parties and avoiding the casting of vote to avoid the election of such parties, the election commission gives us the right of rejecting. This is possible through NOTA – None of the above option. All the power now rests in the hands of the voter to accept or reject any or all candidates. This ensures that your vote is not misused or you wouldn’t have to contend with a third party. The power rests completely in your hands. Further, no voting means no democracy. Those who won’t vote don’t get the right to complain as well.

  • It is Costly –

In 2014 elections, 9 lacs polling stations catered to the election process. Each voter had to go no more than two kilometers from home. The cost of such process was 552 million dollars in 2014 itself! So when the country spends so much on a process, it means it is highly necessary for us to ensure that the outcome is positive. So the government offers huge choice to stay above any kind of undue influence or corruption by giving this choice. Similarly with Rungta Tea, you receive the best choices of unadulterated tea! Your vote your choice and your tea is true

Understanding the election process-

The Lok Sabha elections will be conducted and managed by the Election Commission of India (ECI) along with assistance from a large number of government stakeholders sharing the duty of poll staff. However, the commission is incharge of the conduct, superintendence as well as direction of the process.

To cater to the large number of people, a booth is set up at every 2 Kms with an average of 900 voters per booth. This is a huge responsibility that is effectively managed by the commission and its stakeholders. To find out more about the booths near you, you may approach the Block level officer (BLO) for details.

To participate in the election process, you need to be above 18 years of age and citizen of India. Further, you need to register as a voter on the electoral roll as an eligible voter. For this, online and offline methods are provided to ensure that all citizens are able to discharge their voting rights.

Using your voter ID card, you can cast your vote and affirm the judgement of the right representative for your region.

Registering as voter

  • To be eligible for the voting rights, an application form 6 needs to be submitted by the eligible citizen to nearest electoral registration office.
  • Post verification, a voter card and updation of your details in the electoral list will be ensured. 
  • Alternatively, the confirmation regarding the rolls and registration status can be confined online via website https://www.nvsp.in/Forms/Forms/trackstatus through the the reference ID.
  • A deletion, updation or objection in the roll can be made on the above website itself.

The poll schedule will be from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM for all general regions.

  • Phase 1  has already began with a large  number of states on 11 April.
  • Phase 2 will likewise start from 18 April
  • Phase 3 will be on 23 April
  • Phase 4 will begin on 29 April
  • Phase 5 on 6 May
  • Followed by phase 6 and 7 from 12 May to 19 may, respectively

The results of all phases will be out on 23 may 2019!

Rungta Tea salutes the indelible mark of voters who uphold the democratic republic of the nation. Join us in bringing up change through our right! Let’s vote for our motherland and help her grow through right leadership!

This article was written by our blogger Harneet. Thank you Harneet!! Learn more with tea on University of Tea by Rungta Tea.

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