Mother’s Day

The Day of Unconditional Love

Come the Mother’s Day week and each one of us is busy preparing for the big day – Her day. A day when for a change we open ourselves to the best blessing that the Almighty has given us in the form of her. This day is all about her to feel super important for a change instead of her ever caring and loving attitude. So, starting her day with a break of her favorite tea should be on your to-do list, and Rungta Tea brings up the best of the tea collection to make her feel super rejuvenated.

Happy Mother’s day.

Our brand has distinct yet aromatic teas for enchanting your Mother, namely –

With distinctive taste from the finest tea plantations of Assam and Darjeeling, our teas offer special memories to be cherished by your mom, your grandmother or even a mother-figure.

History of the day

Contrary to popular belief that the Mother’s Day celebrations were the idea of a greeting cards manufacturing company, the day was actually a lot simpler expression of love for the prime lady of our life.

A little over a century ago, Anna Jarvis, inspired by her mother decided to go for the declaration of a special day as a Mother’s Day to recognise the contributions made by these ladies for their kids. Her mother, – Ann Reeves Jarvis, was first to start a special Mother’s Day work club where she taught young mothers on caring for their children. Further, the civil war propelled her to organise Mother’s Friendship Day where mothers of the soldiers met to promote harmony and peace.

In 1905, post her mother’s death, Jarvis decided to continue with the legacy through the celebration of Mother’s Day. She decided that the day should be celebrated with white carnation and writing letters to mothers regarding their love for them. Thus, in 1908 when her church celebrated the Sunday as a Mother’s Day, she sent 500 white carnations (her mother’s favourite) to the church! Her sentimental celebration of motherhood and its struggles made the occasion a popular day across the nation. This was later taken up by the greeting card companies and popularised across the globe.

Now the second Sunday of May is considered as the international day of celebration of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s day tea gift idea – easy yet memorable

Perfume, chocolate cake, salon time and flowers are the usual choice of people who wish to thank their mothers. A few fitness enthusiasts go an extra mile to purchase health gadgets or fitness trackers for the best health of their lady while a few lazy ones gift our a Netflix subscription to keep their mom’s engaged. Here comes a catch, she hardly cares about the fortune you spread out on her (or frowns inside) and would rather prefer something thoughtful yet customized (instead of the price tag). Then again, Mother’s Day is not about merely celebrating the mothers but each and every female who opens up her heart to accommodate you in her household.

So, what better way to cherish these ladies except for an excellent tea-party laid out in garden complete with chocolatey delights, buns, spreads and garden snacks? Your simple act of inviting all these ladies to a garden tea will be an ideal gift for this Big Day. Spending time with a loved one over a cup of special tea selected from finest plantations by Rungta Tea experts will bring a cherished day filled with laughter and meaningful conversation. And let us remind you that more than the materialistic gifts that can be taken off the shelf instantly, your maternal figure will enjoy this garden tea idea and feel pampered with your attention.

Special teas for special occasions

Frankly, when it comes to shopping for Mother’s Day, we can never be satisfied with the solutions that our nearby supermarket has to offer. Somehow in one manner or other, these gifts fall short of the towering figure that your mum has been throughout your existence. Bringing all her love into a paper is a daunting and herculean effort. We all wish to treat her like a perfect queen for this day and see her unwind herself for a change. Here is where the idea of gifting her tea comes into the picture. With Rungta special tea gift packages, you can never go wrong with this. Your mom will start her day with a brew of your love and support. She would remember that you love and adore her like no other. This will make her happy as a button.

Further, due to the ease of preparation of the tea and its relaxing properties, we at Rungta push for declaring our brew as your official Mother’s Day drink. Tea, especially from our gardens, are laden with enchanting flavours that allow you to relax and unwind with your First lady. Make her a favorable brew from us and see the calm set on her face. See her share her best memories and make new ones in a simple manner.

Rungta special Mother’s Day beverage

Rungta teas are special as each individual at our facility understands tea and its properties. With our expert team of experienced professionals and tea tasters, we bring special infused teas into your joyous occasion.

With processing and packaging facilities located in the foothills of the scenic Himalayas, we bring tea to your table direct from the actual tea bowls of country. So the moment you open Rungta tea packet, you are instantly transferred to the best tea gardens.

Our Darjeeling brew is famous for its distinctive floral aromas and light coloured infusion. Further, special care is taken during plucking, withering, fermentation process, drying and even sorting stage that we stay true to our customers taste expectations and also on our stringent quality parameters. This makes us the finest tea brand that captures the hearts and taste buds of our customers, instantly.

All these reasons make us an ideal choice for qualifying as your Mother’s Day gift. Because like her, we optimise the meaning and definition of care. Truly, in social media fanatic age where she yearns to hear you in person, why not give her just that with our special teas and frills attached? Though she would surely love to sit and look like a diva in your favourite hotel yet she would be more than overjoyed with a simple relaxing weekend spend in languor. Even if you are short on space in your home, spread out a table on porch or balcony and see the smile spread upon her face.

Happy Mothers Day

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