Let Tea sweeten our Mother’s Tongue!

Learn more with Tea on this International Mother Language Day

As we step into the ‘World Mother Tongue Day’ in 21st February, we realize how the magnificent and rich aroma of freshly picked tea leaves from the freshest lush tea plantations swinging in nature’s lap has made its place into people’s hearts as well as various cultures. From the coldest corners of Siberia to the hottest deserts of Sahara, tea is everyone’s relief, like the poetry of blessings emerging from one’s lips. The birth of tea was a blessing begotten in ancient China where its price was like gold.

The Chinese used a very special word for tea that was ‘Cha.’ The popularity of this soothing beverage was so grand that European explorers didn’t mind sailing on their voyages all over the world, crossing 7 oceans battling violent storms just to savor this oriental jewel.

Tea soon became a status symbol in Europe drawing the attention of elite and nobility. After all, with its rich flavor and its noble texture, who would say it’s not a royal pride? From the most aristocratic kingdoms of east to the most exclusive societies of the west, tea soon became the most valuable refreshment that sweetened the civilizations for the ages to come. One would say that ‘Tea‘ is the most used word of the century, maintaining its exclusivity and richness. Its avant-garde is preserved with time and christened in every mother tongue of the world. 

The French language has crowned tea with the word ‘Thé.’ Russians relish calling it ‘Chai‘ just like us Indians, whose mornings don’t start without a syrupy sip from our tea cups. All this while Japanese tradition marks tea as their respectful cultural brew. The concept of tea is so important in Japanese traditional social customs that it is an intricate ornament of their ceremonial liturgy.

Tea which was once considered an exotic delicacy just for elite societies now rules all over the world. Tea has a myriad of signatures in every cultural sphere. Every mother tongue opens its arms to relish the sweetness of tea, cherishing it as every culture’s thirst for civilization is quenched with its mesmerizing aroma.

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