March: To the new beginnings.

The Month of March brought with it the season of new beginnings. Spring is in the air and spring sunshine comes to make our soul smile! March been great for us and with every passing day, we are adding new members to our Rungta Tea family.

Happy International Women’s Day

Empowering Women Once Again Every day she comes home tired after a long day’s work. Boss’ comments, heavy files, deadlines are still running through her head. As she comes, she proceeds towards the kitchen to prepare dinner for the entire family without properly taking a moment for herself. Every morning she wakes up at early…

Let Tea sweeten our Mother’s Tongue!

International Mother Language Day: Let Tea sweeten our mothers’ tongues!
As we step into the ‘World Mother Tongue Day’ in 21st February, we realize how the magnificent and rich aroma of freshly picked tea leaves from the freshest lush tea plantations swinging in nature’s lap has made its place into people’s hearts as well as various cultures.